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Welcome to the Goth Cakes website!

I'm Jodie and I like cake.

Well who doesn't! I don't care if its sponge cake, fruit cake or chocolate cake. All cake is good. I'm also a bit of a Goth, when I not being a 'sensible' mum. 

I've been making my cakes for friends and family for a while now and they are all liked. I have a lovely line in pink toadstool houses and princess castles, and cars and bouquets, but none of these things appeal to the Goth in me. So I want to do more, make more and also address that gap in the market for black cakes, covered in spiders, grave stones, gargolyes, dragons, bats etc.

All the things that I love. If you love them too, or if you really just want something more traditional that won't scare the kids or the aunties. Contact me. I'm happy to help.

This site is under development, so it will be subject to rapid change. Please do not be alarmed. But check back soon to keep up to date with what is happening.

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